This up-close and personal look at adoptees is the perfect addition to the wonderful adoption storybooks found in many adoptive homes today. The film “I Have Roots and Branches” allows viewers to find out firsthand how it feels to be adopted. Audiences discover that all kids have common experiences growing up in their homes surrounded by the families they know and love.
This film conveys a positive, encouraging and honest message about adoption and is most appropriate for children viewers.   About "I Have Roots and Branches" Director and executive producer Flory G. Herman, a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys since 1994 A note from the Executive Producer  

The film “I Have Roots and Branches” takes an intimate look at adoption in this new must see 47- minute documentary style film. Adoptees ranging in age from childhood to adulthood share their deepest thoughts and emotions on the adoption experience which has profoundly shaped their lives and those of their loved ones.



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