Listen to Flory Herman, the executive producer of "Roots & Branches" on "Lets Talk Adoption", Aug 10th at 9 am PST

Listen to Flory Herman, the executive producer of "Roots & Branches" on "Lets Talk Adoption", Aug 10th at 9am PST

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A note from the Executive Producer:
My inspiration in producing "Roots and Branches" was to hear- and accurately communicate- the voices of those directly touched by adoption describe in their own words, their feelings about having been adopted. As an adoptive parent and adoption attorney, I am an avid proponent of the positive/respectful adoption language movement and the purpose behind it to educate society about adoption. I have always emphasized the use of positive adoption language ("PAL") both on a personal level at home and importantly, in the day to day practice of adoption where I represent adoptive and birth parents. In producing "Roots and Branches", I wanted to defer to the voices of children and adults who have experienced first hand what it feels like to have been adopted and appreciate their positive viewpoint. While not all children who were adopted use a "universal" dialect of adoption, they proudly expressed their feelings about adoption in their own words- It is their legacy, and a legacy they are proud of.... their roots and branches. Let us listen to their voices and celebrate that wonderful legacy with them. I hope you enjoy this beautiful film’s joyful and uplifting message.

Flory G. Herman, Executive Producer
"I Have Roots and Branches"... Personal Reflections on Adoption

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