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Listen to Flory Herman, the executive producer of "Roots & Branches"...live on "Lets Talk Adoption", Aug 10th at 9 am PST

Listen to Flory Herman, the executive producer of "Roots & Branches"...
live on "Lets Talk Adoption", Aug 10th at 9am PST

Flory G. Herman, the director and executive producer, is a retired attorney who limited the last 18 years of her 22 year career to adoption law. She was a member of the prestigious American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (www.adoptionattorneys.org) from 1995 through 2010.  Flory is the proud adoptive mother of her two children,  Rachel  and Adam.   She is also a former pharmacist with a doctorate degree in pharmacy and currently serves as Counsel Emeritus to  Adoption STAR, Inc.

The brilliant and emotional original soundtrack/score was composed, performed and recorded by Mir Ali. Learn more about Mir and his other recordings. Mir-Ali

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